This is Brandon, I pleaded with him several times for the chance to photograph him and he finally gave in. He’s very creative, intellectual, open-minded and hilarious. Quite a character if you ask me! I wanted to take these so I could practice and play with some editing tools that I’ve come across.

Look up his music if you get the chance, search Mic Maven on Soundcloud. 🙂  

IMG_4571new IMG_4573newIMG_4548newIMG_45211newIMG_4497newIMG_4547newIMG_4451newIMG_4346newTaken in July of 2014.



This is Perla, my wonderful and extremely photogenic sister-in-law! She was my model for the final series I shot for my high school film photography class. I love the art and culture that comes with Dia de los Muertos, so I chose to use it as the theme for these photos.

These pictures were taken with a 35mm lens, black and white film. 

Check out Perla’s blog here:

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